Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nothing quite like Sunkist

I have drank just about every soft drink in the World and have tasted every soda there is to taste in the World and i can tell you after all the sipping I have done there is nothing like a Sunkist in the World. There are several drinks like it but none have the taste that this drink has.

If you have not ever had the pleasure of drinking a Sunkist then do yourself a favor and after reading this post head down to your local store and buy you a 12 pack of Sunkist and chug a couple of them down and you will know what I mean when i say there is nothing quite like a Sunkist.

Smoked my last one 7 days ago

I just quit smoking last week and what a stressful week it has been but after seven days of not having one puff i can say that i have kicked the nast habit for good. I was worried that I would not be able to quit because I have made smoking jsut a part of every part of my day from smoking after i eat to when I wake up and right before i went to bed. But now i have replaced all that with food and exercise.

There is no quick fix when it comes to quiting anything other than not to do it anymore and that desire has to come from within otherwise you will never quit dong anything.

What have you done for the Earth lately

What are you doing in order to help the World as you may or may not know we are having a climate crisis across the planet and many terrible things are happening as a result of global warming from major storms to earth quakes I say it is the world telling us to slow down if not stop a lot of the bad things we are doing in order to run the things we use in life.

one of the major things i have done is carpooled everyday for the last couple of months with fellow employees to save on gas and even on munch breaks. I just hope that everyone out there is doing there part in order to combat global warming in some small way because if we do not all chip in then we could all see the end life as we know it today.

What I do all day

I have had a great time over my life creating new things that come out on teh market of course my industry is adult related so it is not like you see what I make on many store shelves but you can go into just about any sex toys store and find one of my inventions on the store shelves there no doubt.

I have helped invent many things that give women and men pleasure and that makes me happyas compared to a life of making things that hurt people because that would not make me feel good at the end of the day. Anyways now that you know what I do what do you do for a living?

Now it has started

What a lovely blog I have set up here at blogger. I was kind of skeptical about starting a blog here for fear it may get taken down for having should I say to much riskay content on it but after reading and watching so many other blogs here on blogger I am sure that I have found that right place to blog about that cool things I have found on the web.

If you get a chance come back by often because I plan on adding to this blog a lot over time but this is my first post so i do not blame you for not staying long but like I said I do plan on adding to this thing a lot over time so check back often you here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thats right Chloe is here

Well here I am at blogger now blogging. i came here after my friend told i should set up a free blog here and after seeing all the comments she gets on her blog I decided to set up my own blog here on blogger to post about my thoughts and see what people have to say about them so here goes.