Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is this real or not

I found this great clip on YouTube of this new type of messaging called Holographic text messaging. I can not tell if it is the work of really great video editing or if it is real. If someone knows more about this issue please clue me in because I would love to get one of these phones ASAP.

But if it is fake then someone needs to give the guy who edited it a Emmy or a job in the video industry no doubt.

High definition video may crash the net

I heard a rumor that because soon everything over the internet will be broadcast over the internet in high definition it will one day soon lock up the internet and may shut it down. I was wondering how long until this day would come and from what i hear it may be very soon.

I am not an expert on this issue in anyway but I would love to hear what everyone else thought about this because soon everything from sex chat to music videos is going to be broad casted in high definition online and know that we need to do something to rebuild the internet now instead later so we never have any worry of a possible shut down of the web.