Saturday, August 16, 2008

New blogger dashboard

Just saw my blogger has a new looking dashboard and I wanted to post about it because I love the new look and design a lot better than the old one. One thing I wish though is that whenever something is changed here you could have the option to go back to the old version with just a click of a button.

Wordpress recently updated its backend I I liked the older version better and because they did not offer it I came here to blogger. Which was fine with me because I like the settings and the ease of use.

The Pineapple Express is awesome!

Got to see this movie named The Pineapple Express in Opry Mills Theater this weekend and it was awesome it was one of those movies that just totally rocked and was very well written and acted by all the cast. Probably the best film I have seen this year and I have just about seen them all including batman which I thought sucked because the movie had underlying tones that should not have been in the movie.

If you get a chance click over and watch the trailer on YouTube but if you get a chance go see this film in the theaters because it absolutely rocks!