Friday, September 19, 2008

Life and the stuff in it!

It seems like it went by so fast, Summer that is I was just enjoying a great warm day outside yesterday and it seems like it went by so fast. Time starts flying by when your having fun and growing old.

Thru out this life we will do many things and see many wonderful things but it is so important to tell the ones in your life how you feel otherwise they are left wondering what to do and how to get things done. It is so important to always try hard otherwise it is not worth trying at all!

Have all the mighty fallen?

Wow I thought i would never see the day my friend Nikki would wind up on a sex cams network. I was blown away when I read the post she made on her blog about it and even more so inviting people to come and see her private show.

I guess with this tough economy anything is possible and the people who you thought would never do such things end up doing them. To tell you the truth though I think we are all just one step away from doing things we would never do because of the ways things are.